French full lace human hair toupee


French full lace human hair toupee
We offer French full Lace hair wig in all over India. French full Lace human hair toupee 100% human hair in our store. We are exporters, suppliers, and leading manufacturers, of French full Lace human hair toupee. This wigs look very natural and are the newest style in hair styling, this human hair toupee these being used by men globally to improve their overall personality. It is a fact of this human hair wigs that looks like a real scalp. You have to wash it in 12 to 15 days

Made with 100% real Indian human hair, Avani wigs human hair toupee hair systems are breathable, looks like own hair and very strong. The laces of this french full lace hair a system lets moisture escape and heat the stitching helps to maintain contour and shape. These human hair systems are undetectable, soft and light. India. French full Lace human hair toupee has a very good quality of hair and skin base system. our human hair system gives you a natural look. This piece has a lifecycle up to 6 months depending on the care. This human hair pieces average market saloon cost 14000-20000. This hair system is knot 2.1, so there is 2 to 3 hair in a hair knot. The hair quality is Remy finest quality, with skin-friendly, freestyle & smooth texture.And this wig can benefit at the best prices.


French full lace human hair toupee key features:

  1. This hair system is with a human soft hair.
  2. This hairpiece is durability 6 months depending on the maintenance.
  3. Full lace hair system no loosing, no tangle and no fading.
  4. You can apply the dye, oil, serum, shampoo, color, gel, etc.
  5. French full lace human hair toupee can be cut to any size.
  6. It is fully breathable, and you can treat it like your own hair.
  7. can any style in any direction.
  8. We have two colors Natural black and Natural brown.
  9. We Available size – 7×5, 8×6, 9×6, 9×7 and 10×8.

If you want a natural looking and breathable human hair system, consider the Avani wigs