French Lace Toupee

Our suppliers, dealers, and manufacturers in New Delhi provide French lace toupee. It is a very lightweight, and after wearing it feels real. Our wigs provide you a natural front hairline French lace toupee. French lace toupee made with 100% Remy human hair, which is the finest quality of human hair and it is very strong. This French lace is soft, shiny and no tangles. It is very breathable due to thinning of French Lace Hair Patch and is useful for those living in a warm climate. Go first class with this French lace toupee lightweight and breathable hair structure.  French Lace toupee has a very good quality of hair and skin base system. Front lace wigs use a piece of net lace just the front hairline of the wig, which every front lace men’s wig hairpiece is attached to. Net lace used for natural-looking partings in the hair.

It is a superior quality product. The hair quality is Remy best quality, with freestyle. Our human hair system provides you a natural look. This piece has a lifecycle up to 6 months depending on the care. This human hairpieces average market saloon cost 14000-20000. The hair knotting is 2.1, so one hair knot would have 2 to 3 hairs. In the French Lace hair system given the bleach knots in the front line so that it looks natural and cannot be detectable. These wigs can be availed at best reasonable price. This is the perfect type of hair system. With tapes, clips, and glue hair system is pasted. French lace toupee wigs must need maintenance.


French lace toupee key Features:

  1. It is durable French lace toupee.
  2. Made with 100% human hair.
  3. You can apply the oil, dye, gel, serum, color, shampoo, etc.
  4. The base design has a soft lace front part.
  5. Hair length 6 inches.
  6. We have Available all sizes – 7×5, 8×6, 9×6, 9×7, 10×8, and 11×9.
  7. It has freestyle hair direction.
  8. It is Breathable, Soft, durable, bleach knots on top and front.