Hair Wig Tapes

You need to take care of wigs by using good quality Men hair Wigs tapes. We provide the wide variety of walker branded products. These are hair wig tapes for you.


No shine tape

Walker tape No Shine Tape is one of the tops and long durable wear attachment tapes on the market today. Walker No-Shine Tape offers an outstanding bonding for your hair wig system, with a solid hold and a reduced shine. This hair wig tapes is double-sided, clear and has one side that has a matte finish for a no-shine appearance. The print on the side of this tape is applied to the skin.  It is ready by Urethane. Hold Time 3-5 Weeks Depending on the temperature, humidity, and body oils they can last up to 5 weeks. It is great for use with any unit. The liner is white but the actual tape is clear. Manufactured by Walker Tape Company



Walker Extenda-Bond Tape Strips

Extended Bond by Walker Tape Company is one of the largest and best selling names of hairpiece adhesives. It is a super strong, super flexible tape. Depending on humidity,

temperature, and body oils this tape can last from 2 to 6 weeks. Extenda Bond was the top end of the market, and rightly so. This transparent tape is famous for its dull finish.







Walker Front lace tapes

Walker Front lace tapes are a top seller in the industry. Excellent for all front lace support systems. This hair wigs tape come from the same great quality, but with added convenience! There are more cutting strips to fit your system – each front fee is so small that you can customize your bonds and tape where the tape is needed. Walker Lace Front tape made specifically for lace systems. These tapes are waterproof and provide a hold time of up to four weeks. The flexible design allows front lace tape to move with your scalp, so there is no pulling or releasing from your bond.



Walker Tape Ultra Hold Mini Tape -72 tabs

Ultra Hold Tape is truly for extended-wear. Its hold is so aggressive that the company boasts up to four weeks’ worth of bond time! It will naturally be different from the person depending on your personal body chemistry and lifestyle. Even so, it is quite a claim! Since they are made around a urethane carrier or base, these tabs are an extra stretch, which is suitable for flexible lace base material. Not to mention that the mini size is so versatile You can use it on the next hairline, edges, back, wherever you need a strong consistent hold. We take many of our products because they work. And because you folks keep buying them.


  1. It is the easy cleanup.
  2. It’s waterproof.
  3. Up to 6-week hold.
  4. Strongest holding tape on the market.
  5. Super flexible to move with the skin.
  6. Fingerprint technology to reduce shine.


 Walker Red Liner Tape (Sensi- Tak Tape) 36 pcs

This tape is very easy to remove and leaves any adhesive residue on your lace. You can remove any glue solvent. Sensi- tak red liner is very low residue tape, it uses poly units as its easy cleaning. Sensi- Tak Red Liner is Double Sided Tape or 36 pcs in one packet. This tape does have a bit of shine. this hair wig tapes is not recommended front lace system. Front lace is not very good on the field. So If you need low residues and easy cleaning, daily wear or extended wear tape for units with polyurethane, then this is a tape for you.