Men Hair pieces

Regular Monofilament Hairpieces for men
We are supplying and manufacturing exporting an exclusive collection of regular Monofilament Men Hairpieces. Whether do you want short hair toupee, long hair wigs, wavy hair wig system can instantly provide you without any extra expenses. Avaniwigs are providing 100% human hair wigs. These hair systems are for those people who have trouble with hair loss and baldness, chemotherapy. Regular monofilament men hair system is made of natural human hair that is washed and processed by our hygienically-maintained processing part by developing natural human hair with the support of modern machines.

Regular monofilament men hair system has a life up to 8-12 months depending on the maintenance. This men hair pieces average market saloon cost 7000-10000. Since it’s not a skin base system having net on the base, it would give you natural look while creating hair partition. The hair knotting is 3.4 so one hair knot would have 6 to 7 hairs. The hair quality would be silky and soft.

To put on the wig you will have to use clips, tape or adhesive glue. We provide Regular Monofilament men hair system at a very affordable price. It looks like natural hair and very comfortable.

Regular Monofilament Hairpieces for men key features:
1. It gives the natural look and skin-friendly & smooth texture.
2. This hair wigs system you can even go swimming with it.
3. Regular monofilament hair wigs are Excellent finish, Silky, soft and silky texture.
4. You can apply the dye, oil, serum, shampoo, color, gel, etc.
5. Play games, exercise after fixing Regular monofilament hair wig.
6. We Available size – 7×5, 8×6, 9×6, 9×7, 10×8, and 11×9.
7. Regular Monofilament Hair length 4 to 6 inch.
8. Regular monofilament Durability 8-12 month.
9. This hair pieces Density 70% to 85%.
10. We have two colors Natural black and Natural brown.